Spy Pens - Methods for Finding the Best Cheap Spy Pen Recorder

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Prior to buying a spy pen, it's very important you know what to look for to acquire the most bang for your buck. I am purchasing spy pen recorders for decades and have a few tips I must share with you.

Tip 1: Give you a HD spy pen recorder!

My number 1 tip is always to make sure you get a HD spy pen. I acquired a recorder a little while ago and didn't take note of the camera resolution. It shot with a maximum resolution of 620x480. Even if this didn't seem like an issue at the time, when I went along to view the video on my small computer screen the video was super small. After i enlarged the screen the picture become very pixelated. I really regretted not getting a HD type of my pen.

The Best Spy Pen

Tip 2: Your recorder has got to look, feel and write like a pen.

My current spy pen recorder can pass for a standard,every day pen. It has the look and feel of a real pen. Purchasing a pen recorder which is too large is a common mistake. You will want recorder that can pass as a traditional pen. If someone else picked your pen off your desk you want them to think it is a pen and not your secret recorder. Before purchasing a pen recorder, be sure you've seen lots of different pictures and angles of the pen. A size comparison picture is also good.

Tip 3: Capturing pictures is a plus, and not necessary.

Some pens flaunt high quality picture taking ability. Do not be fouled. Taking pictures can be useful, on the other hand found that just setting your pen to record is the better way to get the shots that you will want. If you follow Tip 1 and buying a HD spy pen, there should be no need to take pictures.

Tip 4: Caution...you get what you pay for.

Should you not care about your video quality, obtain the cheapest spy pen you can find. If you plan on using your pen lots of times, spend a little more money and get a nicer pen. The playback quality quality will be better as well as the images will be sharper. Consider it. Have you ever bought a super cheap photographic camera and wished you spent a little more because you were unhappy with the quality of pictures it produced? The same goes for pen recorders. Spending several extra dollars having a reputable sources is definitely worth the price.